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Jira . Perforce . Miro . Figma . CRMs . Microsoft Suite . Adobe Suite . Traditional & Digital Art . Maya . Zbrush . Marvelous Designer . Substance . Mixer . Quixel . Megascans . Unreal Engine. Proprietary Game Engines at Sony and EA

Ted Talks . Adobe . Comic-Con . Sundance . The Walt Disney Company . Frederator Studios . NBC Universal . 2k Games . Ottawa International Animation Festival . Nickelodeon Studios . Bottle Rocket Entertainment . Electronic Arts . Sony Computer Entertainment . Blind Squirrel Games . Nintendo Wii . SIXR . Mocap Now .. MGM Grand . Lightning in a Bottle . Sonic Bloom . Envision Festival . Siggraph . Comic Con . NFT LA . Bellevue City Arts . Netvrk . Xsens . Stretch Sense

Vero Lyn Esque 19 years in Art & Tech industry, she is a multidisciplinary artist with a technical and business savvy mindset. This big picture thinker has a diverse background spanning across traditional and digital art content. A developer at AAA studios 10-500+ team members in main campuses and sister studios of Sony Computer Entertainment America & Electronic Arts. Years following she aided in producing platforms and live showcases for 100-30,000+ attendees at Envision Festival, Comic Con, Sundance, Ted Talks, Lighting in a Bottle, and Siggraph as well as local public events. Vero designed in-house workshops for Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Various Colleges and Universities in Southern California and the Midwest, and non profit education companies for youth. Vero has curated gallery events for artists at Blizzard, Nickelodeon and Disney. In recent years she created custom textures for the Fashion & Interior Design industry as a creative director and producer overseeing domestic and international production teams from concept incubation to customer product shipping as well as digital fashion, environment asset development for metaverse projects. Currently Vero is leading interactive exhibitions featuring fine art wall and sculpture international public art with technology partners and sponsors in the Fashion, Music, and Fine Art Industry. She is also a developer on various hardware and software teams integration with developers for creation of pipelines. She holds several year sponsorships with Motion Capture Partners . Vero is also an interactive live art stage performer speaker for women in games and entertainment over the course o
f her career.

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