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Evoke Emotion

Vero Lyn Esque's paintings evoke emotions within the viewer. Her pieces are captivating, inspiring, and celebrations of wonder.

Scale & Placement

Vero’s commercial fine art reproduction partner prints up to 4ft x 8ft scale per sheet. Pieces can be cut square, rectangular or in a unique custom shape on the CNC machine inhouse. All pieces are clear coated with ready to hang backing. Various materials

Decor Consultation

Reach out to discuss your vision and project. Contact for a single statement piece, or various floors of a new building development. Our team has in depth experience planning alongside residential and commercial interior design teams. Remote & On Location. We assist with leads on decor budgets for resorts, hotels, high rises and large scale estates.


Wallpaper & Textiles
Vero offers various single or commercial bundle packages including - wallpapers, as well as customized decor and textiles for furniture in collaboration with your or our fabrication partners. Vero holds partnerships with a 2D full color commercial printing manufacturing company on wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. 

Full Pattern Walls
Various types of wallpaper types and adhesives. We also carry vinyl for wraps.​ Single statement pieces or bundled collections for hotels, resorts, or commercial buildings.

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